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Are you taking any on-line classes? I'm taking [spoiler]ENG 331[/spoiler] as one of those weird half-online classes and it doesn't feel as interactive as a real class could be

And then there are fully on-line classes. I guess you take those if you can't fit something into your schedule, or if you really really really don't want to sit in that class or if you don't want the professor


What are you doing for the eclipse?

The 40oz Fuze tea _used_ to be here but now someone in management thought peace tea would be a good idea

[spoiler]IT'S NOT[/spoiler]
What is your favorite font?

I'm partial to blocky things like bitmapped fonts, and straight lines like the ones in the OP image
Hello friends,

Starting tonight, threads which have not been posted in for 10 (ten!) days will be cast into the dark, eternal abyss that constitutes the "shadow realm"

I will spare you a description of the "shadow realm" but just know that it means old threads go away forever after 10 (ten!) days of inactivity
Good friday morning, /ncsu/
Are you ready for the weeknend?
// weeknd

I'm doing a lot of [spoiler]homework and web design[/spoiler]
I hope yours goes better!
/ncsu/ will be closing at 9PM
We will open at 9AM, like usual

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Don't forget your #fortune
on the way out
ROTC life
Hello Americans.
Greetings from Europe.

What is this place about? Who are you? What do you do?
The wired speeds on-campus are absurd. What are you going to do with the stupid fast internet?

Also, post your speeds
i found this one on burlington labs last year.
Good morning, /ncsu/!
I hope your second day of classes goes well
If you are new here, check out >>>/rules/ and do not hesitate to post; we are all nice people!

While you type a reply, you'll notice that you can change the last 6 words that you typed as much as you want. You'll also notice that you can see other people typing in real-time. This is the coolest part of a liveboard

And I encourage you all to try posting a reply to a thread by clicking on the "Reply" button at the bottom of a thread!
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And I'll see you all again tomorrow morning!
post here you shall receive
Once you know me, you'll never be rid of me.
Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux and share their experiences.

*** Please be civil, notice the "Friendly" ***
Do you ever get to have class outside?
The best I get is the window seat. Where do I enroll in the outside geometry class?
We've had a lot of time in the 12 weeks of summer to make a lot of weekly bumps, mostly out of boredom. It lets me showcase a lot of artists I like too, so I can show you as well

This is the last bump we had. It's Saib. - Spike Spiegel.
/ncsu/, what are dining dollars good for?

I only ever use them for the vending machines
english go here
question here please
meta here
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