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(March 2017 ~ May 2020)
Any runners here?
I'm not on the team but I do local races. City of oaks soon.
/ncsu/ help! I have a 500 word essay due in an hour and ive barely started.
All I can think of it nothing.
What do you think about the new buses & routes? At peak, the buses seem a good deal less crowded than last year
Hello! Welcome to the /sports/ bar, for discussion about collegiate & professional athletics!
With our hometown >>>/ncsu/ football season starting up, I'm excited to open the /sports/ bar as a central discussion place for local, national and international athletics of all kinds!

Some guidelines:
- "I want to talk about X but there's no thread!"
--- make a thread!
- "I want to talk about X but I don't think anyone cares!"
--- you're wrong; make a thread!
- Remember to stay on-topic
- "Local sports" means local to you, so feel free to post about your hometown baseball team if you're really proud of it!

Most of all, I hope you all find the /sports/ bar to be a fun place to hang out~
Hello everyone, welcome to /filo/, the board for both big and small questions. Do not hesitate to take a part in our discourse!
Some guidelines:
- Keep discourse civil and open
--- this does not mean you cannot call something "complete bullshit", but just remember to keep an ounce of politeness around
- Non-content is not welcome
--- this is not your dad's imageboard
- Take time to read and consider before posting, because we'd rather not watch you form your opinions in real-time

In short, I hope that you all enjoy /filo/! If there's something you'd like to discuss or field, make a thread for it!
What's the best sweet tea in NC? Do you like strong tea flavor? Less sugar or more? Do you ever make your own?

Pic related, best in za warudo
The only activity that gives me happiness is visual novels
Does ncsu even have enough weebs for an imageboard weebs for an imageboard
okay simple question:

back of the class or front of the class?
It's a live-board so why not

If you're still unclear about what a liveboard is see >>>/rules/

Keep your posts open as long as you can here; winner takes all
What is the spire meant to be?

A joke? A sculpture? A [spoiler]mothership relay?[/spoiler]
Fucking Dragons
I've been thinking about getting a set of skates to get around campus. Not really to get around easier, but I feel like it would be fun.
How do you get around campus? Would you recommend it to others?
What is your favorite class this semester? I like some of the maths I get to take
How can I accomplish my goal of petting Tuffy?
This thread is for the discussion of hardware and hardware accessories.

This thread is not intended to be for the discussion of software utilities, or programming in general.

External links to deals and sales are welcome!