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Petition to replace the Jim Valvano statue with her

Anybody Interested In These Guys/Girls Nowadays. Trying to find some people to talk about/rewatch/reread homestuck with. Thought there may be a few lurking here.

Ps. I've been tagging teal blooded propaganda in the free expression lately, Also interesting in getting a bunch of stuff there soon.

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned at previous get togethers, I will be hosting a party this week. It will mostly be math department people and my old high school friends, but howlers are welcome to come. Come have a drink with us!

When: Friday the 10th, starting at 8pm
Where: 3134 Avent Ferry Road, Apt A

We'll have some beers, liquor, jello shots, and chips here. Please bring either a snack or a few drinks.

NC State's anime fighting game tourney, Shadow World, is returning with Shadow World 2 on Saturday, January 25th!

All 7 games from last time will return, now with Dragon Ball FighterZ!

For more details, check out the smashgg and Discord:

What does your upcoming semester look like? Easy? Hard? Fun? Just another semester? Remember that your year won't always revolve around the semester-cycle so learn to love it while you still have it!

Merry Howlermas!

What's everyone up to this week? I'm enjoying the wine I got from secret santa while watching Crazy Love (which was recommended to me as a Chinese Romance but seems to be just some softcore lol).

Christmas Eve and Day I spend with the fam.

Hello Howler (148 days until Archival event); I am moving to a new flat soon and will be throwing a New Year's Eve party for anyone in the area; there will be drinks, food, and music! We have 3 guest DJs (!) who play all kinds and all genres of music. Make sure to bring friends and fun! Every kind of rum except coconut is appreciated.

Party Name: Decennium 202X
Location: 3101 Walnut Creek Parkway, Apt. B
Date: Tues. Dec. 31st
Doors & stream at 8PM (EST)

There will be a livestream of the DJ booth if you are not able to make it: ... happy new decade!

Howlerians, I ask you,
what IS the vibe?

At this particular point in time, my nomination is this .gif I have gifen you.

Do his frenzied slappies betray excitement? Or frenetic despair? Depends on who's vibing, of course, but my instincts tell me that pleasurable or painful, this chunk of the year is universally frantic.

Now and forever, share with us here what YOUR vibe is.

wheres the howler secret santa happening tomorrow?

How is everyone in the town of Hoalin doing in these most unholy of weeks? Finals coming up, papers to do, projects to finish (all by oneself). Are you gonna make it?

What's Howler doing for Thanksgiving?

I'm eating with the fam on Thursday, all alone on Friday, and then drinking with some friends on Saturday.


A reminder that Shadow World is in only 3 days, this Saturday 11/23 in 353 Daniels Hall!

This is an event for anime fighting game players, so we’ll have a bracket for UMVC3, UNIST, MBAACC, GGXrdREV2, BBCF, BBTag, and we are now adding Persona 4 Arena Ultimax to the line-up! Yes, P4AU, the game whose latest update is only available in JP arcades!!! (we will be playing the latest version available on console since yknow lol)

Your venue fee is FREE if you bring a full setup (PS3/4 + Monitor) for any of the 7 games!!! So bring em!!!

For more info/schedule/pre-reg:

I haven't drank since August. Id like to think I'm pretty good at making friends but clearly I'm not. I know probably like 20-25 people here (OOS Freshman FYE) and almost none of them drink. The "friends" that do drink I've asked to buy me a 12 pack for $25 (they're usually like $12 for a 12 pack right, so you'd get fucking double the price like I'm literally telling people to scam me) and no success. I see beer cans on the ground around on Sunday mornings and shit and it pisses me off cause it seems like fucking nobody drinks here. i just want some fucking nattys bro. I made a burner number, 9197666870, if you feel like you have any advice for me, please help me out. honestly thinking of transferring cause it just makes me really upset seeing my friends getting shitfaced every other weekend, meanwhile it seems like everybody I know here is actively trying to keep me sober. pic not related

Name one (1) thing more cancerous than Black Friday

When: Wednesday, Dec 11 (reading day) at 6:00pm
Where: DH Hill Library in a reserved room (TBA)
How Much: <$10
Timeline: The form will close 5:00pm Nov. 22 so that everyone has plenty of time to find something just right for that special someone.

It's that time of year again! The season of giving, caring, cold, and eggnog!
In the spirit of goodwill towards Howlers, I've set up a Secret Santa form for anyone that wants to shindig. I was gonna make a cool poster, but then I figured that sooner is better to give us plenty of time. Handmade, salvaged, and reappropriated things are super cool, so don't stress if you're not rich, none of us are!

It'll probably last a couple of hours at most (with the eternal option of an after-party for those with nothing Thursday), so use it as a study break. Breaks are very important not just for your productivity but for your mental health and the avoidance of excessive fatigue. If you don't break with us, make sure you're still taking breaks!

As a last reminder: Put a throwaway/non-school email in the form so that I don't know who you are, surprises are the spice of life!

Hello Howler; because we are nearing the end of the semester I know everyone's schedule gets super busy all of a sudden. BECAUSE OF THIS I am organizing the LAST PARTY OF THE SEMESTER to be that weekend before Thanksgiving; I hope we can all come together and celebrate the passsage of yet another 5-month slice of academic careers.
Party name: SUBSYSTEM20XX
Location: 1130 Clarion Heights Ln
Date: Sat. November 23rd
Doors at 7PM

Heads up: I will be live-streaming the DJ set (just the music) to in a similar fashion to how Club Mogra in Tokyo streams their DJ sets online; I will keep you informed (e.g. stream URL, etc. etc.) as more information becomes available!

Bros I slipped and dropped my los lobos today...
Life just isn't fair sometimes...

Post 'em snaps from around campus friends

Is there any topic that you can't help but go full thought-police on? By this I mean that you immediately attempt to correct their incorrect beliefs on the topic as an almost knee-jerk reaction.

Captcha: lejition
A person who imagines themselves adhering to the "truth" of facts and logic and thereby always having a belief in their own correctness, saying things like "But that's illogical" and "Stop being so emotional". In actuality this person is just a dummy and believes dumb things.

please give Charlie Kirk a lot of shit on wednesday

when you finally get the courage to ask out the cute girl in your class but youre scared she doesnt realize you were asking her on a date

>be me
>scared of men
>goes to gym to try to get stronger so I could maybe be less scared
>gym is entirely filled with men

What are your favorite foods gang? I've been eating the same few foods a lot lately and am starting to go crazy. As tasty as it is, oatmeal with yogurt and blueberry jam can't substitute for all of my dietary needs.
Post recipes, complain about the logistics of cooking, or talk shit about campus food.

We're putting together a monthly tournament series at NC State called Shadow World, featuring:
The first event will take place on Saturday, November 23rd.
More info can be found on Facebook,, Twitter, & the NC State FGC Club Discord: