This was


the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)
ITT we discuss coffee and tea brewing
Hai remember to tune in to the campus radio sometimes because there's a lot of good music that goes on there.
88.1 FM or online at
I really like the DJ on now
because there's only like 4 degenerates that browse this thread anyway
Anybody here play MTG? Ive been getting into it but have no friends to FNM with
Have you seen the bnha movie yet? Are you planning to see it? Do you think it'll make it to normie tier at some point? (AMC is showing it this saturday at 4pm)
would someone care to explain how a board dedicated to lonely ex-4chan users at university remains dead despite the wide-spread despair of the portion of the student body that lurks there?
anyone else /NonTraditional/ at NCSU
im like 25 and can't find myself relating to any of my babby peers
they play fortnite unironically
I have a date in 10 minutes.
With a friend so if it goes badly, it's awkward
storms over
everyone go home
are we allowed to do /mu/ here? what are my fellow weenies listening to

How does Rolly do with Cat 3s? On the Gulf Coast, folks usually just fill up a cooler and buy some canned meat/beans (in case of power outages) and then proceed to mix drinks and stare off the porch.

But what about here? Is school gonna be cancelled? Are we eating MREs? Will I be able to fill my gas tank? Will 11L run EVEN LATER?
Look what I drew while I was waiting on code to compile.
It's still not done.
I'll keep waiting on this build to finish I guess.
Just curious, what does everyone think of the marching band? This is my second year in state's band and I'm curious as to the general opinion. Do people like the marching band or are we just kind of tolerated? Not that it'll change anything, but I'd be interested to know.
Do you think narcs, snitches, and similar rule-aligned people reside here?
Are we free of unwelcome oversight or are there plants within our community, watching closely?
[spoiler]Where can I find a sniper rifle?[/spoiler]
I don't know if this is somewhere I could post but screw it.
We could meet up and discuss what you want to be drawn.
(on campus that is)
just shoot me an email with a description or a place to meet up.

Specialty: dragon ball z art
Don'ts: guro, scat, straight up hentai, you get the picture.
please help /ncsu/
Sunday night of a long weeknd and this all I got.
>All nearby camping areas areas are paid
>Museums close early (and get old)
>Outrun at Boxcar eats my quarters like candy
Everything else I've found remotely interesting (clubs, local attractions, &c.) have weird hours and, like museums, would get old quick.
>I have no money but I must repose
Who does /ncsu/ want to be playable in the new Smash bros?
My personal pick is Doomguy even though he's unlikely