This was


the N.C. State Imageboard
(March 2017 ~ May 2020)

See you later. It's been real. ᵐᶦˢˢ ʸᵒᵘ :*

Close the world. txen eht nepO.

This is my first post ever and I’d like to honor the last day of howler with it. I remember when I first got to NCSU in 2017 and I saw the howler flyer posted by Dabney. I always wanted to post here but never did. Here’s one in honor of one of the first things I ever noticed on campus.

2 more days. What a ride it's been. Friends new an old. Fun true and bold. Thanks everyone, you've been lovely.

Quick post your spicy memes before the mods wake up

Post your feelings when you first found out Howler was ending or your feelings now. That's all.

Anybody up for sharing a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Raleigh? My current lease is ending this summer and I want to find some quiet, easygoing roommates.

Hellow Howlers, I'd like to wish you all a Happy Easter! Yes, that even includes you!
If you're wondering WWJD during the pandemic, remember within John 20:17, the lord spake unto Mary Magdelene, "Touch me not."

Advice for incoming freshman?

How are your e-classes going? Lectures seem to be going as usual, it's just a little weird. My large lectures aren't doing real-time lectures (just pre-recorded) but for my engineering courses we're all still meeting at the same time.
I'm just thankful my virtual classroom has a coffee pot!

sup /ncsu/ I noticed these at a "friend's" place, and she straight up gave them to me. They're heckin tasty, but I wish they were stronger; my tongue only tingles after several, unlike with la fée verte.

Any other tasty snacks or tasty foodstuffs y'all have in the nest during these trying times?

captcha: beat

Hello from Raleigh, NC. As we approach the end of our time as a community, I've started thinking about having one last community-event. In just the last year we've hosted *so* many get-togethers and things; I don't know if we will ever realize the impact that our small community has had on the NCSU community (past, present, future) and more generally for communities of scale like this across US campuses at large; I want to celebrate the time we've spent together by throwing one last party the night that we shut down for good (May 9th).

This has been an idea for quite some time; however (and unpredictably) we're not at liberty to host an in-person party, as many of us are quarantined and scattered across the country as the university gradually limits on-campus operations and generally transitions to a completely online delivery for the remainder of the term (sending nearly all on-campus students home and canceling all gatherings of more than 10).

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to host the final event ENTIRELY ONLINE; we hope to see you there! We are in the process of setting up a GARRY'S MOD server to facilitate the VIRTUAL party; if you do not have Garry's Mod or cannot buy it, I will buy it for you, just drop your Steam name in the thread below.

  • Date: May 9th, 2020 8PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
  • Place: Garry's Mod Dedicated Server (URL:
Kick back and take it easy, /ncsu/

Report in Howlers
How are the front lines?

Running low on food except alcohol

How's you vacation going, anons? Are you enjoying your time off?


Hello; PSA I'm giving a talk on 2/27 from 7P~8P on Centennial campus EB2 Rm. #3001 with the NCSU LUG and I'd love it if we could get a good and excited group out that night; I'm proposing / demonstrating a completely new concept for a purely P2P (i.e. peer-to-peer) overlay network on top of the Internet which functions like other existing P2P networks (Napster, GNUtella, Bitcoin) but is optimized and designed exclusively to provide for the distributed hosting and discovery of お絵描き (i.e. simply, "drawings") with a rigourous body of semantic/meaningful metadata attached to each file meant to rival that of hosted sites like Danbooru.
Come out if you're interested in something like this, even if you have no idea what any of that means; I'm extremely fired up about this idea and I'm hoping to get other people excited too.

How we feelin this valentines day yall?

Hello hello hello /ncsu/.
As we near the permanent archive event, I want to pose a (suggestive) question: what are the odds are of some hyper-entity continuing the Howler tradition? That is to say: is there the opportunity for an online community to generate and support the aggresive friendship which has allowed Howler to have so many meetups, events, pizza parties, board game nights etc. etc.?
To facilitate discussion, I'd like to mention that there are many already-existing Discord groups related to NC State, some being:

These communities are interesting but extremely volatile and closed off (this is the nature of Discord servers). Howler, I think, excels at lowering the barrier-to-entry to participate in the community by allowing (1) anyone to post and (2) not requiring anything more than a Web Browser. However in the same stroke Howler also loses the "sense of community" that overcoming the barriers to entry elicits in members.
And yet in spite of both of these things Howler has had more fun, more parties, more community than any other un-organization in the history of ever at NC State... could you see it happening again? What does it take? What does such a community look like?

Depression is so inconvenient. I've been hurt really bad, and it's taking a while to heal without closure.

But the main problem is I have school work! How do y'all COPE with staying in bed an extra two hours and having only just enough motivation?

I've been seeing a therapist, working out, weening myself off my vices, &c. but every new day is a challenge. wat do?

How do you feel about the Autonomous vehicle on Centennial? Do you think CASSI-san is a good driver? Will any other routes be automated or is this just a gimmick-y ploy to make our uni. more marketable and more research-y and development-y?
I think CASSI is a pleasant addition to Centennial campus but the current programming seems that it stops at every crosswalk and has some trouble with hills; I got stuck behind it today and had to pass it (while it was moving) because 8mph is too slow for a passemger vehicle

Are there any entrepeneural resources on campus?
I'm looking for advice on acquiring / managing venture capital for a thing I'm doing; of course the Internet is a great resource but I need a more grounded resource, someone I can bother in the flesh. Heard anything? Know anybody? The E-garage on Centennial is the closest thing I am aware of, but there are no advisors/SMEs, just other students

Power slid around in one of these bad boys today. Work is way more fun than school

I'm gonna be featured in a livestreamed minimix on Jan. 25th; it'll be a nice excuse to get friends together
My part is only gonna be ~20 minutes so come by if you're bored and want to pre- / post-game with me; not a very heavy focus on the music, I just want to do a normal college-party thing

Party starts at 6P I guess; 3101-B Walnut Creek Parkway, Raleigh